Our Services

The firm of Saponaro Law Offices PLLC provides clients with exceptional legal services in all aspects of family law through experienced counsel. Our attorneys are trial lawyers, skilled negotiators, legal counselors and crisis managers with broad experience as private practitioners dedicated to the practice of law and the integrity of our clients. We are focused on the superior representation and needs of each client, whether in negotiating a settlement or zealously advocating for the client in the pursuit of his/her rights.

Saponaro Law Offices PLLC offers an array of services in the area of matrimonial law including drafting of pre/postnuptial agreements, jurisdictional issues and international divorce matters, child custody, alimony, child support, paternity, complex marital asset division, business valuation, restraining orders and marital settlement agreements, as well as related matters of ancillary probate and business litigation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the Massachusetts courts, having achieved recognition in litigating and rendering successful results for a diverse clientele throughout Massachusetts. Many of our attorneys are trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution and serve as Court Appointed Masters, Conciliators, Guardian Ad Litems and Counsel for Minors.

Saponaro Law Offices PLLC, through its legal team and administrative staff, have established a reputation for handling complex and contentious disputes with the utmost discretion and responsiveness to clients’ needs during a difficult life change. The firm’s attorneys understand the sensitive nature of family law matters and are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of clients. In recognition of their work and integrity, the firm’s attorneys have been recognized by venerated legal organizations, including Super Lawyers magazine, Boston Magazine and “Best Lawyers in America.”

Areas of expertise

Matrimonial Law

Modification of Prior Judgments & Orders

Child Custody & Parenting Disputes

Child Support

Paternity Matters

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Drafting, Negotiation & Enforcement

Enforcement (Contempt) of Prior Judgments & Orders

Removal Matters

International Divorce matters and Jurisdictional issues

Parental Kidnapping & Hague Convention Matters

Family Law Related Appeals

Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Harassment Orders

Guardian Ad Litem Investigations

Court Appointed Masters and Third Party Interpleaders

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation Arbitration

Business Valuation Matters

Complex Asset Divisions